South Umpqua’s four sport athlete.

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One of the more interesting stories in 3a sports is Kyla Pires, a four sport athlete from South Umpqua that plays football, Soccer, Basketball and Softball. She also has received all League awards in Football, Soccer, and Basketball. As if that isn’t already impressive enough she also received scholar athlete every year in each sport. 

Kyla started playing soccer at the age of 5. She later joined basketball and softball at the age of 8. The first year she started to kick for the football team was her Sophomore year.

 Kyla Pires said,”I started playing all four sports at once since my sophomore year in high school.”

When asked how it feels being the only girl on the football team, she said,” I really don’t see it as being the only girl on the team I look at it as being the kicker and just another one of the players, the other players treat me very equally.”

When we asked Kyla Pires how it feels that she is accepted and they want her on the football team, she said,” Since the beginning, I have always felt like it is just like any other sports team I have been on. The whole family feeling and especially being accepted by the senior class when I was a Sophomore.” She also added,” I always felt like they had my back, during my Sophomore year I got knocked over during a football game and two seniors stepped and got into their faces, I thought it was pretty cool.”

Kyla is currently trying to play college soccer as a goalkeeper, She said,” have been in contact with a few community colleges and university out of state.However, at this time I’m unsure where I want to go.”

More information

She received second team all league goalkeeper freshman year.

First team all league goalkeeper sophomore and junior year.

honorable mention all state goalkeeper junior year.

Honorable mention all league kicker for football sophomore year.

Honorable mention all league for basketball junior year.

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