Santiam Christian and Sutherlin Previews.

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Santiam Christian 

Key losses- Luke Janssen RB,Jaxon Connor DL/OL, Jason Manzi WR/LB, Vandon Haugen RB/LB.

Key Returners- Ely Kennel QB/S, Marcus Fullbright RB/DE,Trevor Oxenrider WR/DB,Levi Villers WR/CB,Luke Mehlschau WR/DB,Hudson Carter WR/S,Aaron Schaefer OL/DL, Deegan Black OL/DL, Heston Bain RB/MB, Joe Maqatish TE/DE, Mason Wirth LB.

In 2018 SC figured they would have somewhat of a rebuilding year as they returned only three players that started on varsity the year prior. The Eagles started a freshman Quarterback who showed promise, but needed a year of development before stepping on the field on Friday night as the Starter. Somehow, they still managed to reach the playoffs. 

This season Sc will return 9 starters on offense and defense, they also return all but one receiver on offense. Going into 2019 Sc is loaded on Offense and have 6 really good playmakers that all have playmaking ability when the ball is in their hands. Look for the running back Marcus Fullbright to have a breakout year, and look for the receiving core to be one of the best in 3A. Though the defense may struggle, winning games 40-36 is just as good as winning them 40-10 concerning the win-loss column.

Look for Sc to go 8-1 or 7-2 throughout the regular season, they returned too much to not be contenders in 2019.


Key Losses Hunter Fadness WR/DB,Cade Meisner QB/DL,JR Bailey DL/TE,Darren Nastic DL/OL,Zack Lepre DL/OL, Scott Shepard OL/DL,Will Singleton LB/OL, Jacob Mansfield  DL/OL,Bryce Anderson DB/RB.

Key Returners-Case Wells DB/RB,Brandon Carr WR/DB,Dylan Smalley, Jake Merrifield DB/RB,Issac Horn LB/TE,Jason Baker LB/OL Byron Baker OL/DL,Mason Gill WR/DB,Hunter Elbert OL/DL.

After they lost to Taft week two by 1 point, who would’ve thought Sutherlin would’ve been worth anything. Taft, a historically terrible football program as of recently, somehow figured out a way to beat Sutherlin at home. Sutherlin was dead in the water right?

 During the year they improved dramatically and even beat SC on the road, causing a three-way tie for first place in their league with SC and Harrisburg. In 2019 we are slightly worried about Sutherlin Offensively as they lose most of the Linemen and the starting Quarterback. But Sutherlin does return playmakers on the offense in Mason Gill, Jake Merrifield and Brandon Carr. They just need a QB to step in and take control of the offense and make plays happen. This team will be pretty good in 2019, and you can’t really look at any of their games and say there’s no chance they win.

In 2019 we expect them to go 7-2 or 6-3. They start the season versus an up and coming Hidden Valley team, then play a very weak 4 game stretch midway through the schedule. The end of the season will be where Sutherlin dictates their own destiny, as they play SC and Harrisburg in consecutive weeks.

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  1. Keepin It Real Avatar
    Keepin It Real

    Super vague, glossed over the reality of SC as a team.

    Have you looked at the stats from last year???

    SC played teams from the bottom end of the 3a Division…including the 4A teams which dropped down into 3A (those 4A teams were at the bottom of their division the previous year).

    SC Ranked 10th overall…but managed to place 1st in their league
    Followed by teams ranked
    12th overall (2nd in League)
    14th overall (3rd in League)
    The remainder of the teams placed 20th, 22nd & 28th overall in 3A…

    What am I missing???

  2. oregonpredict Avatar

    Started 8 Sophmore’s and Starting QB was a Freshman Last season.The Starting Line was all Sophmores and one Senior. They still managed to go 7-3, yes the competition wasn’t very good last season. However, they return 9 starters from the Offense and Defense im not sure how good they will be this season but they will be better than last season I can tell you that much.

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