Harrisburg and Pleasant Hill Football Previews

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Key Losses-Dax Bennett QB/LB, Riley Suttles WR/DB,Brynden Bevins OL/DL,Elijah Pate OL/DL,Josh Nasshahn OL/DL, Devin Nelson RB/LB, Brennan Erickson OL/DL

Key Returners- Gabe Knox RB/LB,Spencer Gains WR/DB, Jonathon Lettkeman QB/DB,Leithan Briggs OL/DL, Wyatt Perry OL/DL, Joan Topia OL/DL.

In 2018 Harrisburg went 7-3 and was on the bad end of a three-way tie of the first place in their league. In 2019 Harrisburg will most likely replicate the same record, and push for second-place or tie for first place in the league standings this season. 

They return the best running back in 3A in Gabe Knox, and pair that with a speed, run-first QB in Jonathon Lettkeman. Harrisburg might just have a top 5 QB and RB combo in 3A football. They also have some threats at the receiver position that will make them at least a threat in the passing game. The Eagles will have to produce an adequate offensive line on the fly, as it was decimated by graduation. They have everything returning or being replaced well enough that is needed to be contenders, thought their depth is minimal.

Looking forward to the 2019 season we think that Harrisburg will have the exact same regular season record as last year and finish 7-2 but finish second in the league. They have the players offensively that will make them hard to stop in 2019. We just hope the injuries are minimal and they can have a productive season.

Pleasant Hill

Key losses Stephen Parmenter WR/DB,Zachary Hart QB/LB,Logan Parrish OL/DL, Chase Warden OL/DL,Zachary Dahl OL/DL,Collin Way OL/LB,Jacob Pray WR/LB,Jacob Hylemon WR/DB.

Key Returners-Maxwell Smith QB/DL,Cody Morrell RB/LB,Reece Hardy QB/LB,Bryan Payne OL/DL, Jaydan Gray OL/DL, Aspen Trujillio K/WR,Hayden Harris WR/DB James Trafton WR/DB.

In 2018 Pleasent Hill was…a work in progress to say the least. In 2019 we think Pleasant Hill will be better on both sides of the ball as Max Smith is a dominant QB that really can change a game by himself sometimes. Smith is a strong kid that is not easily tackled and will look to lead this Phill team this season. 

P-Hill plays in a top-heavy league where the only real chances of winning a game in league will be against La Pine, who will be improved this season, and Siuslaw. They do have some quality kids and a good head coach,  and a year of experience will probably really help Pleasant Hill in 2019. But in reality, they’re still a few years away. 

In 2019 we think Pleasant Hill will go 4-5 and improve by one win from last season, and finish 4th in their  league once again.

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