Hidden Valley and Brookings-Harbor Football Previews

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Hidden Valley

Key Losses- Spencer Simons WR/DB, Parker Wright WR/DB Summit Black-Lazo WR/DB,Glenn  Rossi RB/LB, Clancy Allen OL/DL,Dustin Brown OL/DL, Bryan Cox WR/DB.

Key Returners- Elias English WR/DB, Sam Vidlak QB, Max Wallace OL/DL, Alex Abott OL/DL, Nathan Bragg OL/DL, Julien Aguilar WR/DB,Tanner Noble RB/LB,Jacob Tanner RB/DB, Victor Bettencourt OL/DL. Trey Bixler WR/DB.

YC, Brookings, and Madras are all teams expected to make “the next step” this year. Hidden Valley is expected not to take a ‘step’, they’re expected to start sprinting up the ranks of 3A football. Now.

In 2018 Hidden Valley was a really young team that caught our eye late last season, after pushing Burns to the limits in the first round. They have a very good QB in Sam Vidlak that will lead this offense to even higher offensive numbers this season. Vidlak passes the eye test. He can pass accurately, has a strong arm, and is athletic enough to get away from pressure and make something happen. This season Hidden Valley will have a strong receivers group as well as a good Offensive Line that will allow them to compete in an open SD2 South. 

The key thing HIdden Valley must clean up or improve on is the defense. Last season they gave up 22 points per game. 22 ppg isn’t a terrible defense by any means, but averaging 26 points per game on offensive means every game was close. If the defense improves and only allows an average of 12-14, they could be a dangerous team that could compete with anyone in 3a.

In 2019 we think Hidden Valley could finish anywhere from 1st to 4th in the league, but they have the talent this year to where we believe it will be 2nd or 3rd. This league is pretty wide open, and game in and game out should be very close outside of South Umpqua and Douglas. We really like this teams potential, and the athletes surrounding their skilled QB. We predict Hidden Valley to go somewhere between 6-3 and 8-1. It depends on how they do versus CC, Brookings and St Mary’s, who are the other 3 ‘real teams’ in their league.


Key Losses- Brig Schofield  RB/LB, Marcus Clay WR/DB, Aiden Straham WR/DB, Ethan Warner OL/DL, NIcholas Dodson OL/DL, Jacob Wellenbrock.

Key Returners- Kelvon’te Dawsey RB/DB, Ben Buehler RB/DB, Ethan Hooper QB/DB,Manny Zamora WR/LB, Josh Smith OL/LB, Cameron Fransico OL/DL,Averi Winn OL/DL,Jesse Lutge OL/LB,Louie Blandau OL/LB.

In 2018 Brookings-Harbor was a surprisingly decent team. Problem is, the only real skilled player on the team was Brig Schofield. Schofield was a monster that could do everything, and they relied on him to will them to victories. Brookings does have some running back and wide receiver talent, they were just so young last year playing all sophomores and one or two upperclassmen at the same time. 

This season Brookings will be more experienced everywhere on the field. Look for Ethan Hooper, who has improved his game from a year, to be the teams go-to playmaker on offense and defense. This team has a chance to upset one of the big dogs in league this season. The Bruins will be better than last year, we will just need to wait and see how much better they really will be when the season starts.

In 2019 Brookings Harbor should start the year 6-0, as they play a very weak schedule, the only real competition will be lakeview who was a decent 2a team last season. After the first 6 games things might be ugly, as they play three teams that should make the playoffs. We predict Brookings Harbor goes 6-3 or 7-2 and makes the playoffs.

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