Douglas and South Umpqua Football Previews.

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Key Losses- Noah Burke DB/WR,Bradldey Chapman DB/WR,Trent Avery DB/WR,Gabe Burke DB/WR,Kolby Williams LB/OL,Emilio Salazar DB/OL.

Key Returners-Trevor Kostic DB/WR,Brett Perry DB/WR,Cole Hamilton DL/OL,Greg Cane DL/OL,Kobey Crump DL/OL,Johhny Slone DB/RB.

In 2018 Douglas had a very disappointing season going 1-8. They couldn’t move the football and played poorly on defense. The one thing that is positive is the coaching staff is pretty good, they just don’t have the athletes right now to produce much of anything. In 2019 they won’t be any better. They should win one game and its the last game of the season in South Umpqua. The one bright spot on this team is Trevor Kostic, an electric athlete that found success in the passing game and kick returning game in 2018. This season Douglas probably will go 1-8 once again in 2019.

South Umpqua

Key losses-Preston Young OL/DL,Austin Chung OL/DL,Chris Martinez WR/DB, Reilley Thatcher WR/DB,Wyatt Martin WR/DB,Creedance Ferguson RB/LB.

Key returners-Travis Wilsey WR/DB, Zack Zehe TE/LB,Josh Deister QB/DB,Zack Collins WR/DB,Jeremiah Geiger RB/LB,Zach Downard OL/DL,Shawn Scott OL/DL.

In 2018 South Umpqua went 2-7 and beat a Dayton team that we predicted would beat them by 30. They used our prediction as fuel to the fire and beat Dayton 19-10. Don’t believe they did? Here’s an actual article that proves it:

That one win probably made their season, as Dayton is generally a powerhouse in 3a football. The rest of last year was not fun for South Umpqua, as they only had two other games that were close. We are hoping the best for South Umpqua this season, though it might be a very long year once again as they lose a few talented kids from the 2018 senior class. In 2019 we are predicting South Umpqua to go 1-8 or 2-7. The main reason is that their schedule is actually pretty loaded and they just don’t have the athletes to compete in such a good league this season.

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