4A Week 3 GOTW Preview

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Banks v Marist…There’s a little something for everyone in this game. 

Enjoy a good coaching battle? Frank Geskie v Cole Linehan. Check.

Enjoy a good defensive showing? Banks and Marist are allowing a combined 10.5 ppg, against four 2018 playoff teams. Check.

Offensive fireworks? Banks and Marist combine for 36.5 ppg so far in 2019. Check.

Potential all state backfields, multiple possible all state linemen, and a possible semi final (or championship) preview in week 3? Check, check, and check. 

Gladstone v Banks was a week one matchup that overshadowed virtually everything else going on in the state 1A-6A aside from Central Catholic v Eastside Catholic, but this matchup has something a little extra. Banks is on the road now. 

Though Banks is nearly unbeatable at home, since 2016 they’re a much more pedestrian 8-7 in true road games. Marist hasn’t been a dominant force at home in that same time period like you’d expect, but nonetheless have home field advantage. Banks playing away from home might be just as valuable as any scheme Frank Geskie can come up with. 

The ramifications of this game are just as large, if not larger, than when Gladstone met Marshfield last week. Last weeks GOTW presented what could spell the end of one teams championship aspirations, as could be the case with Marshfield now being 0-2. This weeks GOTW won’t decide if Banks or Marist are true championship contenders or have a pathway to the championship game, but it will give us, if nothing else, a barometer for where the top 6 to 7 teams measure up. After this game tangible lines can be drawn between Marist, Banks, Gladstone, Marshfield, Sweet Home, Seaside, Klamath Union, Henley, North Marion, etc. An actual statistical analysis can be done on roughly 75% of the state, outlining expectations for the rest of the season. But that all beings after, and in large part of, this matchup between Marist and Banks. 

These are the two teams with the most #1 votes in the latest coaches poll, expect them to play like it tonight. We’ll take Marist in a close one.

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