Oregon 3a Football Top Teams

Oregon 3a Football is entering week 8 already. This season has just flown by and we are very excited for the Playoffs. 

In this post we will discuss who we think is the top tier teams and why. 

Here is our criteria of how we classify our tiers.

1st Tier: Semifinal team or Championship Game.

2nd Tier 1st Round or Second Round Teams.

3rd Tier 1st Round exit or possibly upset someone round one. 

1st Tier- In tier one we will start with Hidden Valley, this team is absolutely loaded and will be pretty hard to beat come playoff time, Great Qb, Good Rb, overall good on both offensive and defensive Line. The next team would be Clatskanie, they have one of the toughest schedules in 3a this year, they have a scary good offense when things are clicking and the defense is pretty solid. The next team in Tier one is Cascade Christian, this team has a good Qb and has a stud wr, they seem to have a few holes on this team and have little depth but the starters are very good and keep this team in the right direction. The last team in Tier one is Santiam Christian,  This team seems to be solid everywhere, the defense flies around and makes plays, the offense is also very good.

Second Tier- The second tier starts with Amity a Semifinal team from a year ago that is pretty solid once again. Amity has played pretty good through week 7 and will play Clatskanie for the league title this Friday. The next team is Rainier, Rainier is a quality team, they still have a good offensive Line and Defensive Line but the lack of offense production has held them back. The next team is Burns, a team that we didn’t see being 7-0 this season, they have put together a great season and will be tested by Vale very soon. The last team is Yamhill-Carlton, a team that is 7-0 and will finish 9-0 in the regular season 2019. Yamhill-Carlton has a really good Qb and the defense holds its own. 

Third Tier- The First Team is St Mary’s Medford, a quality team that has a good Defensive Line and an offensive that is really creative and gets the ball to its playmakers. St Mary’s will play Cascade Christian the final week of the season and that will determine who is second in league. This team has the best chance to upset someone in the first round of the playoffs.The next team is Vale, another Eastern Oregon team has made our tiers, this team has a good offense and a solid defense, this team will possibly make a bad matchup for someone in the first round of the playoffs. 

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