Rapid Reaction: Marist Supremely Patient, Seaside Cold Throughout

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The old gym at Seaside High School rarely disappoints. This game though, had a couple factors leading to Marist’s win.


  •  I’m going to preface the following with this: Marist is a very good team. Marist is top 5 in the state. Marist will be in Forest Grove come late February. Marist is in the conversation for winning it all. 

  • BUT, this game felt like they caught Seaside, the team and the crowd, after waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It was flat, it was Winter break, there was no Band, the student section was quiet…it felt ‘flat’. Which, for anyone that’s played at Seaside the last few years knows, isn’t normal. 

  • Usually you can’t hear yourself. Usually the crowd is unmatched in its ferocity. Usually Seaside is running up and down the floor like their lives depend on it. But not tonight.

  • Part of this is due to the fact that Marist dictated the pace. Slow, deliberate, run when it’s at your advantage to do so, but never rush. In other words, everything the Seagulls didn’t want to do. It’s hard for a crowd to get into it when possessions last in excess of 90 to 120 seconds at a time. 

  • But it is a symbiotic relationship at times, crowd enthusiasm and player performance. For the crowd to get into it, the team must be doing well. At times for the team to do well, they need an energy boost from the crowd. 

  • Had this been before Winter break, or after, I wonder if the story would’ve been different. The one time the Seaside student section got into the game fully, the Seagulls went on a 6-0 run to tie the game at 33 a piece. After Marist took a time out, the crowd silenced once again. Marist went on a 11-4 run to end the 3rd quarter, and it felt over at that point. 

  • Seaside had some late game patches where they looked like they could come back, but missed layups and open jumpers just killed it. 

Big picture: Seaside and Marist will both likely end up with home games in the first round of playoffs. Both will likely win those games, and possibly meet each other in the state tournament. This game doesn’t change much, other than Marist being in the #2 slot in our top 10 (will be posted Sunday).

Another note: Seaside is closing their gym after 60 years of being the home of Seagull basketball. We will be in attendance at the last regular season home game February 20th vs Banks.

Might even do a full feature on the ol’ place.

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