Rapid Reaction: Can we get a rematch of Marist v Cascade, please?

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I’ll be honest, I was hoping the game tying three from Carson Molan would go in. I didn’t want the game to end, I wanted overtime. But it was wide right, Marist got the rebound and sealed the deal. So now here we are; Cascade has lost to an Oregon team for the first time this season, Marist got another marquee win, and there is no consensus on how to order the top 5, or even the top 10 teams in the state for that matter.

Here’s  our reaction to the most impactful game of the 2019-2020 season so far:

  • Once is a fluke, twice is a pattern, three times is an identity. Three times we’ve seen Marist play in person, all three times we’ve had the same reactions. So here’s the conclusion: nobody is as patient on the offensive end, as fundamentally sound, and as fearless Marist. They play their style, and they don’t care. They will penetrate and kick, dribble handoff, run through a motion offense, or just flat possess the ball for an entire quarter if that’s what it takes to get a quality shot attempt. They don’t turn the ball over, they don’t take bad shots, and they don’t care what you do to try and make them rush. Offensively, Marist might be the most efficient team in 4A or 3A. 

  • Marist shares multiple characteristics with Dayton of the 3A ranks. Relentless effort on the defensive end, utilizing all 5 players on offense, and an experienced, battle tested head coach. 

  • Cascade is a good team. Carson Molan is one of the better players we’ve seen this season. With that said, what is Cascade? Are they a run and gun team that just got so caught up in the slow, meticulous pace of the Spartans? If they’re not, then what’s the identity?

  • There is some real talent on the Cascade roster. That is undeniable. Normally criticism of a team wouldn’t really happen in this kind of circumstance, but it’s something that was troubling. The physicality and grit from Marist seemed to affect the game in a disproportionate way than it has previously. 

Mabye it’s an overreaction on our part. In all likelihood, Cascade will be in the top 3 of the Oregon West, possibly even win it. It’s almost a certainty that Marist will win the Sky-em, and as of right now look like the only ‘complete’ team in the state. Do they lack a stud? Sure, but with how that team is constructed, it’s not a Philomath type situation. Expect both to be in Forest Grove.

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