Rapid Reaction: Woodburn and Stayton part two of three…or four or five.

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Woodburn and Stayton are very different teams than last year, but their projections might not be. Some thoughts on tonight’s OWC game:

First, the game itself:

  • Pace of play is gigantic in basketball. Woodburn plays a medium-fast pace, Stayton plays the middle but has a natural pull towards the slow end. The Eagles game plan, naturally, would be to slow it down then and make Woodburn treasure every possession rather than getting into a four quarter long sprint.
  • First half was a success, mostly. The first quarter featured Woodburn turnovers, and lengthy possessions by Stayton. Second quarter things got dicey. Woodburn ran the floor, and had their pace for a moment, but halftime came not soon after. Meaning the reset button had been hit.
  • 3rd quarter Stayton had a solid hold on the pace, held an 8 point lead and looked in control. Woodburn proceeded to go on a 10-2 run in two minutes and end the quarter up 2.
  • 4th quarter fit Woodburn, which was just fast enough to knock Stayton off their game. The Bulldogs has control the whole 4th.
  • Overall, Woodburn and Stayton aren’t that far from each other rankings wise, and that’s not a flaw. Both of these teams could very easily find themselves back at the state tournament, possibly even back in the 3rd/5th place game again.

Some players that caught our eye:

  • Woodburn #10 Jeovanny Marroquin might have the nastiest Euro Step in the state. He’s ridiculously comfortable with it, and scored tonight 3 times on it.
  • Woodburn # 21 Reese Miller is a big, big boy with a surprisingly well put together jump shot for a post. He’s going to be a big asset when Woodburn plays Philomath, being able to patrol the paint and muscle against the super physical Warriors. 
  • Stayton #10 Derek Berning can shoot if you give him an inch. Not a ‘dead eye once he crosses half court’ kind of guy, but nonetheless one of Stayton’s better offensive weapons. 
  • Stayton #25 Bryce Whieldon might be my favorite individual player to watch. Not going to light it up points wise, but doesn’t leave anything on the floor. Not afraid of contact, will make difficult shots in the post if need be, and is one of the better interior passers we’ve seen this year. Beneath the free throw line and under the 3 point arc, the Eagles can pocket pass like no other, but Whieldon might be the best one of them at it.
  • Long term, Stayton #12 Gabriel Wigginton is a player to watch develop. Tonight there were hints at what could come in the future, and it could be really good. Watch out for this kid.

Projections on the OWC will come this weekend. Stayton and Woodburn will be near the top.

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