Rapid Reaction: Montiel and Company Contain Corbett, Clinch Tournament Berth

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We thought it would be close going into the 4th, then Marshfield would pull away; it only took until the middle of the 3rd. Here is what we saw:

  • The margin does not represent how much of a lopsided affair this was. Marshfield dominated from the tip, even if the scoreboard did not show it until the middle of the 3rd. The Pirate fans packed the Palace and were witness to a blowout.
  • We said it once, and we will say it again: put Dom Montiel on your first-team all-state watchlist. It was a phenomenal performance tonight from the Oregon State football commit. His best skill was thoroughly on display tonight: uncanny floor vision. If ever there were a player that embodied being an “on-court quarterback,” it would be Montiel. Multiple times tonight, he did what he needed to on the drive and dished to a wide-open teammate or fed a cutter by fitting a pass into a tight window.
  • Marshfield, finally, seems to be hitting their stride. Most of the regular season, it felt like the Pirates were on a football hangover, trying to find their legs and their rhythm–despite beating nearly everyone they played. There was a sense that Marshfield was sleepwalking, in a way. The last couple weeks, they have shown great improvement in their intensity on both ends of the floor. They were not consciously holding back or intentionally moving slower, but the attack was not there. The overarching sense that Marshfield was doing whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, no matter what, just was not there. It is there now; it is absolutely there.
  • Joe Fundak is a phenomenal player. Corbett’s star is absolutely an all-state talent, even if he will not be recognized as such. Some college is going to get a lot more than they bargained for with this kid–you can bet on it. Sunday is absolutely worthy of the monicor “hidden gem.”

We will be in Coos Bay all next week for the 4A tournament–see you there.

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