Ten Football Games to Watch in Week Two

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#1 Scappoose @ #5 Estacada (Thursday 9/7 @7pm)

Huge test for Estacada’s skill group defensively. Estacada should be able to put up a couple

scores against Scappoose, but the Ranger defense if things don’t go well could give up a lot more

than what their offense can match. If Estacada is truly a contender to repeat, this is their “prove

it” game.

#4 Banks (3A) @ #6 Tillamook (4A) (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

Old rivals meet once again. Banks wins, they’re undoubtedly the best team in 3A football, and

likely Tillamook has issues on the line that could knock them out of contention in 4A. Tillamook

wins and they’re solidly set in the top-tier of 4A contenders, while Banks–depending on what

happens beneath them in 3A this week–might not have any rankings repercussions anyway.

Biggest storyline and thing to watch for is the Tillamook O-line vs the Banks D-line.

#9 Siuslaw @ #3 Kennedy (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

Siuslaw might get revenge for their loss at home last year against the Trojans. If Kennedy is

going to lose a game before playing Banks, this is it. The line of scrimmage has to be at least a

draw for Kennedy to walk out with a win, there’s no skill advantage so drastic in the Trojans

favor in this matchup to overcome it.

#2 Mazama (4A) @ Eagle Point (5A) (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

Last year Mazama followed up a week one victory over Estacada with a somewhat easy win over

eventual 5A playoff team Eagle Point. History might repeat itself here, but given how Eagle

Point looked against Ashland in week one, and how Mazama looked against what should’ve

been a depleted Estacada squad last week, the bar is raised this go around expectations wise.

Crater (5A) @ #3 Henley (4A) (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

Henley ran away with it against Crater last year, mostly on the back of Shaw Stork’s greatness as

a dual threat Quarterback. Seeing if Henley can again pull off the balancing act between

Whitlock and the other skill players in moving the ball against the Comets’ defense is the biggest

item to watch here.

#9 Pendleton (4A) @ Redmond (5A) (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

Can Pendleton look as physically dominant against Redmond as they did against Caldera? If not,

is that a testament to Redmond’s own size and strength, or is the reaction to Pendleton’s week

one performance an overreaction? If they do, is it time to consider Pendleton a top-3 team in 4A,

and a true contender rather than a fringe one?

#4 Marist (4A) @ Springfield (5A) (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

There is so much intrigue with this game off the field–specifically Frank Geske and Sam Keen

going against their old team–it is easy to lose sight of the on-field matchup. If Nick Hudson is

able to put up another statistically dominant performance this week like he did against

Churchill–even potentially in a losing effort–he has to be talked about as the leading candidate

for POTY in 4A. Emotions will be running high at this game and it should be a very entertaining

one to watch unfold.

#7 Cascade @ Marshfield (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

Another dominating performance by Cascade and it might be time to throw them in the fringe

contender category. The matchup of Cascade’s O-line, which pushed around Baker from start to

finish, and Marshfield’s D-line, which overwhelmed Tillamook in spurts last week, is the place

to focus on in this one.

Gladstone @ #8 Stayton (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

Short and simple: Does Stayton take a step or not? If the team that played Molalla shows up to

play Gladstone, the Eagles are liable to walk away 1-1 on the year. This should be a favorable

matchup for Stayton, what do they do with it?

#1 Cascade Christian @ Sutherlin (Friday 9/8 @7pm)

Sutherlin has been down the last couple of years, but not down to the point Cascade Christian

can overlook them–especially given last week’s performance. If Cascade Christian is going to be

the top-tier contender virtually everyone projected them to be in the pre-season, putting away

Sutherlin–with no room for interpretation–is step one in showing it.

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