Week Two Football Notebook

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Some top performances that caught our eye in week two:

Logan Whitlock – Sr, RB, Henley

Four Touchdowns for one of the best running backs in 4A Football. Henley dominated 5A Crater and Whitlock was the driving force in why. Even against loaded boxes, the Hornets scored in bunches because of their explosive backfield. The kid is special, and might just get Henley into the semifinals or farther. 

Jake White – Jr, RB, Seaside

210 rushing yards and three touchdowns for the stud back from Seaside. The separation speed is there in a way it is for few other small school backs. Give him a lead blocker and space and watch him carve up whoever Seaside goes against. The Seagulls have one of the best offensive weapons in the state at tailback.

JoJo Harrower – Jr, QB, Ashland

Five touchdown passes for Harrower in what was something of a coming out party for the Grizzlies writ large. Ashland is a team in contention for a state title largely because of Harrower’s arm. A good performance against Henley this week and he might start getting serious all-state consideration. 

Caden Negra – Sr, WR, Ashland

Three touchdown grabs from Harrower in Ashland’s rout of North Eugene for the lengthy Z receiver. The Grizzlies might have the best receiving core in small school football, and Negra is at the head of things. Press cover him and he can go over the top, play soft on him and he can turn a hitch into a breakaway score. Ashland is a serious threat in 4A this year, and Negra is a big reason why. 

Colten Stepleton  – Sr, QB, Vale

Four passing touchdowns and one on the ground for 3A’s leading candidate for POTY. Truly dominant performance from Stepleton against New Plymouth (Idaho), there was no answer coming for him defensively–and at a certain point you have to wonder if there is an answer to be had at all. More performances like this one and Vale might be a lock to meet Banks in the state title game. 

Weston-McEwen Tigerscots

What a hard nosed performance by WM against Oakland. If you wanted to see a young team from last year mature, see how they would handle pressure, see if they could take the next step, you saw it here. What a win by a team that should be right at the top of things and thought of as a semifinals or better lock at this point.

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