Ten Week Four Football Games to Watch

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Baker @ #1 Scappoose (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

Baker might be the most impressive looking 0-3 team in the state’s history. They have the skill players to keep pace with Scappoose in the defensive secondary for most of the game, but can the offense possess the ball long enough to keep the pressure on Scappoose and not turn the game into a track meet?

#8 Tillamook @ #4 Estacada (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

Can Tillamook hold up against the Estacada front and run game long enough to let their advantage on the perimeter to win the day? Can the defending champs send Tillamook home without revenge for last year’s title game having been served?

#2 Henley @ #6 Cascade (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

Can Cascade take the air out of the ball and keep Logan Whitlock on defense? Can they do just enough to make Henley beat them through the air rather than on the ground? This is Cascade’s prove it game, if they’re going to be contenders they will show it here. 

Yamhill-Carlton @ #3 Banks (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

Can YC bounce back? What does bouncing back look like? Banks is likely too much for the Tigers to handle regardless, but how do they respond to losing their first game of the season at the hands of Kennedy?

#6 Lakeview @ St Mary’s (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

Lakeview is coming off the program’s biggest win since taking down Bandon in the 2021 quarterfinals, do they continue to improve or level off? Is this a potential semi final team, or did they just play the game of their lives last week?

Lost River (1A) @ #1 Heppner (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

It is rare in modern Oregon High School football to have a coaching matchup as high profile as Dennis Dunlea of Lost River going against Greg Grant of Heppner. Matchups like these just don’t happen much anymore, this should be a phenomenal game.

#3 Lowell @ #2 Weston-McEwen (Saturday 9/23 @ 4pm)

Lowell might have the best player in 2A football in JaMar Thurman, but Weston-McEwen might have the best overall team. The clash between the two will be fascinating to watch–which wins out?

#7 Junction City @ Philomath (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

Junction City turned heads when they blew the doors off of Stayton last week, are the Tigers legit? Do they have what it takes to be a state title contender? Contenders go into places like Philomath and come out with dominating victories. This will give us a good read on JC.

Ridgeview @ #9 Pendleton (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

Ridgeview isn’t what they used to be, but they can still beat Pendleton if the Buckaroos give them the chance. Like Junction City and Philomath, contenders win these kind of games convincingly. Is Pendleton a contender or not?

Stayton @ #3 Marist (Friday 9/22 @ 7pm)

Do we get another five or more touchdown performances from Nick Hudson? What does he look like against a talented, outgunned but talented, Stayton secondary? Does Marist *finally* have a comfortable win ahead of them?

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